Simple to Build – Simple to Administer – Simple to Maintain

Versadial™ Logger 2.4 (VSLogger) is a multichannel voice/audio recording software designed for simultaneous voice/audio recording from multiple sources. VSLogger provides extensive and flexible features and can be configured for different types of call recordings.

You need Versadial® Solutions if you…

  • Exchange critical information via phone
  • Are required by law to record telephone or radio communications
  • Want a reliable, low-cost telephone and voice recording solution
  • Need to record and monitor call center communications for liability and quality control

Simple to Administer

  • The familiar operations of the Microsoft Windows environment means that most of your staff will be up and running after the first full day of use.

Simple to Maintain

  • Easily maintained with off-the-shelf components and parts. Never be left high and dry with expensive esoteric equipment again.

Low cost

  • While our software is packed with powerful features that you expect from a heavy-duty, high-demand system, it is competitively priced and features unlimited remote access — no extra licensing fees.