Fusion Voice


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Enterprise-Wide Digital Dictation

Fault tolerant. Scalable. Open architecture. This is the foundation that the Enterprise-Wide Fusion Voice® system is built upon. With thousands of existing client-based installations, ranging from the smallest office workgroups, to large multi-site hospitals and clinics. Our advanced technologies, coupled with expert local support, make Fusion Voice® the application of choice for professionals.

The Core Application

The central component of this solution is a recorder application that supports both telephone and client/server based dictation and transcription applications. All dictations are tracked, recorded, and distributed based upon user defined criteria.


Based upon industry standard hardware and software, this solution can meet the needs of any organization and can continue to provide an upgrade path to grow as your needs expand.

Fault Tolerance

High availability for your dictation and transcription users is a must. This solution supports standard hardware redundancies such as RAID storage, distributive processing and even complete lights out standby capability.

Application Specifics

A complete line of custom dictation and transcription products offer hand microphones, barcoding, hand held dictation, tethered and wireless PDA and many other solutions to meet every user’s needs in dictating.

Smart Deployment

Employ the knowledge of your own organization or rely completely upon our trained and responsive client services staff. We can provide a complete solution with hardware and software or work together with your choice of hardware providers and supporting staff.


The old boundaries of dictation are broken here. Use our custom solutions or implement all or a portion of the solution on your existing PC workstations to take advantage of the high flexibility of your network or even the internet.

Key Integration

HL-7 standard interfacing is emphasized to adhere your dictation technologies to legacy chart management, radiology PACS, departmental management systems and other applications.

Work Flow

Get the work to the right staff according to your predefined criteria. Although you can always route dictation on an as needed basis, our work pooling routes will automatically deliver dictation jobs to transcription staff with point and click simplicity.