Fusion Speech



Fusion Speech®

powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™

Integrated Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the most significant technology development in dictation and transcription industry. Without physician training, or changes in practice patterns, Fusion Speech® harnesses this powerful technology for facility-wide deployment in nearly every medical specialty. Capture dictation with Fusion Voice®, process the dictation through Fusion Speech® and boost transcription productivity in Fusion Text®. The Fusion modules combined drives cost savings in reoccurring labour and outsourcing fees. This is the speech recognition solution you have envisioned.

Advanced Technology

This speech technology engine, developed by Royal Philips Electronics N.V., represents over 1,000 man- years of speech recognition development. No other speech technology incorporates such advanced and patented processes to provide accurate results and on-going performance improvement.

Real World Tools

Other speech recognition has provided cute gimmicks but fell short in offering a sustainable business application. Fusion Speech® provides the tools you require to truly deploy speech recognition that returns measurable and tangible results for your investments.

No Physician Training

This technology has exceptional accuracy out of the box and requires no physician training. Utilizing voice files for “acoustical adaptation,” it learns with each dictation. Your transcription performance will increase dramatically while your healthcare providers enjoy faster document turnaround.