Fusion Expert



Fusion Expert®

powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™

Front-End Speech Recognition

Dolbey’s Fusion Suite completes the circle of transcription and dictation products with Fusion Expert® front-end speech recognition. Fusion Expert® utilizes the industry leading Philips SpeechMagic™ speech recognition engine. Employ the power of this highly anticipated technology to maintain the cost and efficiency of your department.


Unlike other front-end products, Fusion Expert® is not a separate system. It uses the same report formats, configurations, output distribution and interfaces as Fusion Expert®, its background counterpart.

Single Recognition Engine

Dolbey uses the same installation of the speech recognition engine for both back-end and front-end recognition. Dictators can migrate between front-end and back-end recognition utilizing all their language model adaptation.

One Transcription Client

Fusion Expert® offers the user the flexibility of choosing to send a job dictated in front-end to a correctionist and then routing it in the same manner as a job dictated in background speech recognition. Users do not have to learn two different transcription packages or job routine schemes.