Digital recording system of hearings

TheRecord Reporter is a suite of three programs—The Record Recorder™, The Record Player™ and The Record Annotator™ that together provide a total solution for the capture, storage and review of audio/video proceedings. Reporter is the foundation of the most efficient and easy-to-use audio/video recording solution available. Tape recorder-style controls are familiar to users and the system provides personnel with instant access to recorded FTR digital audio/video through a network.

FTR Reporter benefits

  • Record, playback and annotate both audio and video
  • Dynamic time stamps provide instant access to associated audio/video segments
  • Confidence monitoring
  • Electronic delivery throughout an organization’s network
  • Eliminates inconvenience and expenses associated with storing cassette tapes
  • 4-channel recording with channel isolation and volume control
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Easy for staff to learn and use
  • Familiar tape recorder-like controls and “point-and-click” interface
  • No database or heavy IT support required
  • No more rewinding or fast-forwarding tapes

How to use FTR Reporter

FTR Reporter is designed to operate in exactly the same way as your current recording system. It is not necessary to hire specialists to form systems or specialized personnel for its use. With FTR Rporter, staff currently in place can use the digital recording technology now giving you the benefit of advanced technology, superior recording quality, and save you time with its simple search functions and backup.

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