Multi-Channel Desktop Recorder


The NP8C unit is a scaled-down version of the highly successful ComLog NP muti-channel communication recorder series, sharing all of the advanced features and functionality. The unit is housed in a convenient desktop console with a crisp 7″ color LCD touch screen interface. And internal hard drive provides internal, instant access to a maximum of 8,000 talk hours of audio. The NP8C can also be remotely accessed from desktop PC’s using the powerful ComLog interface.


  • 4 or 8 channel recording
  • Same advanced features as other ComLog recorders
  • Up to 8,000 hours of on-line storage
  • Desktop enclosure
  • Integrated LCD touchscreen
  • Instant playback of calls
  • Network access
  • USB port for external storage
  • Integrated telephony interface

Available models:

  • NP8C > up to 8 channels on desktop
  • NP24 > up to 24 channels in 1U chassis (1.75″)
  • NP72 > up to 72 channels in 2U chassis (3.5″)
  • NP144 > up to 144 channels in 3U chassis (5.25″)
  • NP250 > up to 250 channels in 4U chassis (7″)